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Zivio Conversations

with Jonny Dunning

People Analytics

with Konstantin Tskhay

HR Analytics

with Harbinger Group

Rad Consultants Webcast

"Who is responsible for contingent workforce analytics? The VMS or the MSP? Analytics lives in the space between tech and people and thus neither party is eager to take responsibility for it."

"Data is another leg that companies need to stand on to make better decisions. That is just a fact. Everybody knows that. Everybody hears about it. It's just a matter of is everybody actually acting on it?"

"The trend is flexibility and skills-based organizations. Who do we have on board? What skills do they have? How can we leverage our employees to drive initiatives? That same type of conversation needs to be had for your non-employee population."

"Compliance doesn't really get people excited but it's a really big part of HR and therefore it's a really big part of HR analytics. You are only going to have a successful program if you have successful suppliers."

Positive Habits

with The Universal Workforce Institute (The UWI)

"A lot of folks within the HR space are just not as data comfortable as they need to be, let alone data literate. The next step from data is AI. So if folks haven't cleared the data comfort level, they are going to be really uncomfortable approaching AI."

Unveiling the HRTech UFO

with Mothership

"We shouldn't make a recommendation or a decision without enough evidence, without enough data to justify that next step."

Seinfeld-Inspired CW 101

at DisruptHR Allentown, PA

"If you are going to transact business, you had better have a tool in place to monitor performance and a plan in place to act upon laggards and non-compliance"