Contingent Workforce Analytics

Let Rad Consultants augment your treasure trove of VMS data with actionable insights on your program!

Stop running reports

Our pre-built dashboards remove the hurdles between you and real program insights. And custom email alerts save you from overlooking that key metric that needs to be addressed.

VMS data optimized

You use the major VMSs for transactions but wish they had more functional analytics. We have the solution to optimize your speed-to-insight.

Staff Aug AND SOW

The VMS has the staff augmentation data but the critical SOW data is hidden deep within a massive repository of SOW PDFs. Work with Rad Consultants to learn how we are leveraging GenAI to extract key insights from contracts, detect non-compliance, and impact upstream operations!

Intelligent Data Extraction

Data Transformation and Normalization

Data Verification & Policy Enforcement





What do our clients say?

Make your job easier!

Insights are ready-to-go! Grab a timeslot for a demo. We would love your input as both a prospect and client on how we can further enhance the tool to fit your needs!

Not quite ready for a full-blown dashboard?

Or don't have a VMS? Rad Consultants is happy to partner on an ad hoc project basis to streamline and automate your workforce data operations. Increase efficiency, eliminate errors, and save dozens of hours of your teams' time each month!

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